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Season's greetings

The bleak mid-winter is here and perhaps many of us are feeling the early darkness and noticing the bare trees.  We adjust our lives to suit the hours of daylight. I spend more time inside with my little boy, playing puzzles and holding him close. The clarity of daylight and openings of blue sky are heightened in their brevity and beauty. I love seeing the trees' whole shape, their crowns.
I like this time when everything appears to sleep. It is necessary and restful. 

This beautiful little pamphlet makes an interesting and thoughtful alternative to a classic Christmas card. Twelve poems each worth your time and contemplation (one of them written by me).
If you join the Seren book club it is only £4. Why not support a vital press and send it to someone you love?
On another note, I enjoyed this interview with Jorie Graham in the Guardian.  She talks about how reading poetry is different from reading fiction  - a…

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